Getting Started with Sectra IDS7 PACS Logging In If you have access to IDS7, you will see the icon on your deskop. Login using your network ID and password. *Note-- IDS7 is only used for select departments and users. Most users will use the Sectra UniView web app which is installed on all KHN workstations, is imbedded into Epic and


Product Catalog for Sectra PACS Clinical Applications. Freedom of choiceAs a Sectra PACS user, you have the freedom to choose theapplication you prefer 

In addition to Sectra PACS for diagnostic radiology and cardiology and the VNA to store any departmental imaging, the multi-year contract signed in July will include advanced visualization tools, teaching file software, Sectra Breast Imaging PACS for mammography workflow, orthopedic pre-operative planning tools, business analytics and resident workflow. With more than 20 years of innovation and . 1,700 installations, Sectra is a leading global provider of imaging IT solutions that support healthcare in achieving patient-centric care. Sectra offers an Enterprise Image Management solution comprising PACS for imaging-intense departments (radiology, pathology, cardiology, orthopaedics), VNA and Cross Enterprise Workflow solutions.

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The keybord About Sectra. Driven by knowledge and passion, our vision is to contribute to a healthier and safer society. Sectra successfully develops and sells cutting-edge solutions in the expanding niche segments of medical IT and cybersecurity. The Sectra Group has some 800 employees worldwide. Find out more about IDS7: System requirements. To be able to use IDS7 you require: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

To be able to use IDS7 you require: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. For Windows editions, see the System Requirements for Sectra PACS documentation.

samarbetsavtal mellan Lumito med Sectra gällande PACS On Demand. Lumito är specialiserat på avbildningsteknik inom medicinsk forskning och utveckling.

Most users will use the Sectra UniView web app which is installed on all KHN workstations, is imbedded into Epic and Sectra Global E-learning To reset your password, submit your username or your email address below. If we can find you in the database, an email will be sent to your email address, with instructions how to get access again. Sectra Tools Requesting Access to HSS PACS. If you are a first time user, you will need to obtain a username and secure password.

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Secure Access to Images and Reports. Sectra UniView is a zero-footprint web viewer that lets you view and interact with medical images at high speed, whether it’s radiology images, non-DICOM images, videos—or even whole slide pathology images.

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o FH PACS Images- Will launch the IntelliSpace PACS viewer. For new exams performed at Fort Hamilton and affiliated imaging locations. This is temporary until Fort Hamilton goes live with Sectra on March 22, 2020. o PACS Images- Will launch the new Sectra UniView.

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The keybord short cut for this is Shift-Ctrl-O.
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o PACS Images- Will launch the new Sectra UniView. For all other new exams performed across the Last week, Sectra also received the 2015/2016 Best in KLAS award for PACS in the US. “To me, winning both the Global and the US awards for customer satisfaction proves that our consistent strategy to develop medical IT solutions that really make a difference to our customers’ daily work is paying off,” says Marie Ekström Trägårdh, President Sectra Imaging IT Solutions. As a Sectra PACS user, you have the freedom to choose the appli-cation you prefer running on the PACS workstations.

2021-02-02 14:03:59. Medicinteknik- och cybersäkerhetsföretaget Sectra (STO: SECT B) har fått en när en av de första vårdgivarna i Frankrike digitaliserar patologin fullt ut för Läs mer och om Sectras lösningar och om varför Sectra PACS har  login för att få tillgång till Segment CT för att säkerställa att endast Sectra PACS är ett varumärke tillhörande Sectra Imtec AB, (
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27 Oct 2020 SECTRA UniView (its "light" client) has replaced XERO Viewer and in the Learning Exchange: PACS Online: Online Enterprise PACS Web 

Number of shares comprises direct shareholdings and holdings through companies and family. Sectra holdings for Torbjörn Kronander, CEO and President, and Jan-Olof Brüer, Chairman of the Board , include 50% each of the shares in the jointly owned company Shannon AB. Sectra har fått uppdraget att leverera ett nationsövergripande leverantörsoberoende bildarkiv (VNA) och ett radiologiskt IT-system (PACS) för digital mammografi i Nya Zeeland.

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Some of the native advanced clinical applications include Sectra Lesion Tracking, Sectra NM Fusion, Sectra 3D core, Sectra Anatomical Linking, Sectra Vessel Analysis. Sectra ids7 radiology client Sectra's KLAS-awarded PACS is praised by users around the world for its ease of use, for being rock-solid, and for allowing radiologists to perform the vast majority of their workload from a single

Med samarbetet  Sectra har tecknat ett femårigt avtal med Region Skåne avseende införande av system för digital hantering av bilder (PACS) inom röntgen och andra tidigare Sectras system för hantering av radiologisk information (RIS). Sectra PACS kommer att implementeras på samtliga avdelningar inom bildhantering innebär att arbetsflöden effektiviseras och radiologer får  “Värdet av radiologisk information” -RadIologIn Idag Imorgon. -bIg DatA PACS: Isite etc. National Regional Radiologisk översikt bilder [NPÖ-2011]. 4.