Trivia - Star Platinum's ultimate used to play a cutscene if you killed a The World user with it (they had to be at low enough HP to be normally killed by the ult). (The cutscene was DIO's death.) (Has been removed due to lag) - The "Ora" sounds when you do LMB 4 times are from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star …


Tarot Card #17, The Star "Good grief." * スタープラチナ (Sutā Purachina) 「HP」 277.5 (E + Hold - ORA ORA ORA!) Star Platinum beats the target with a 

2021-04-02 Customize your avatar with the 『STAR PLATINUM』- and millions of other items. Mix & match this pants with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you! Star Platinum grabs the enemy and unleashes a super heavy punch that crushes the enemy's skull and then proceeds to throw them away, in total dealing 45 damage. 12 seconds cooldown 『H』 - Quick Choke *Star Platinum grabs the opponent dealing 20 damage. While the enemy is in Star Platinum's hands, he is choked and beaten, dealing 1 damage per Star Platinum forcefully drives its fist into the target, dealing a superior amount of damage. (T - Star Finger) Star Platinum reaches out with its fingers to hit an enemy from afar, with a range of 10 studs. (Y - Iggy Throw) Star Platinum pulls out Iggy, and lunges him towards the enemy.

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Evaluation Star Platinum: The World is an evolved form of Star Platinum. So far it has only ever been obtainable as a rebirth reward, has never been purchasable using Robux or Yen, and it does not appear in stand arrows. Star Platinum:The World. Edit.


Star platinum shop, Nezahualcóyotl. 13 likes. Ropa nueva y second chance, de marca, 100% original. Ropa para todas las edades y todos los gustos. Gracias por tu confianza. Be a star Platinum

Star Platinum Technical Services LLC is a Dubai based company that specializes in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) and building maintenance services From the very beginning we adopted a unique approach towards our clients, catering to their specific needs and delivering their expectations. Star Platinum takes a different appeareance in Diamond is Unbreakable, as he is blue and pink with yellow and white cosmetics.

Star platinum


Star platinum

Star Platinum extends its fingers to hit the foe. This move, knocks the opponent down, so may be useful at sometimes. H: Timestop Movement Star Platinum moves in stopped time for 3 seconds. Use dio's diary to get star platinum Star Platinum, The World. Edit.

Star platinum

Platinum Star.
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Lv HP SP Power Durability Spirit Speed 1 48 38 29 7 15 31 50 738 510 242 110 Star Platinum is a short-ranged Stand of Jotaro Kujo, the main protagonist featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

Star Platinum is a humanoid Stand, resembling a tall, well-built man of similar proportions to Jotaro, if not more muscular. In colored art, its skin is often a hue between purple, blue, green, and small bits of gold. Its face and body have varying colors.
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Obtained from arrow. almost basically the same as SP? Longer TS, less dmg, can't be upgraded into anything SP can. E: Barrage, literally SP's barrage. R: Heavy Punch, does 30 damage, 10 sec cooldown T: Flick, does 30 damage, 10 sec cooldown F: Time Stop, lasts 5 secs, 55 sec cooldown, (not good) H: Punch, does 25 damage, 5 - 10 sec cooldown J: Stun Punch, does 0 damage but ragdolls opponent

Our goal is to help you make smarter financi Gold is the granddaddy of precious metals, at least from an investment perspective. But other precious metals such as platinum and silver have their own place in a savvy investor’s portfolio. They are tangible assets with intrinsic value.

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Red Star Platinum Superior Baking Yeast makes baking homemade bread a cinch, providing professional results every time. This simple-to-use yeast strengthens and improves your dough, increasing oven spring and finished volume of any recipe.

Releasedatum 5/6-2021. Väger 225 g. · Stardust Crusaders: Kujo Jotaro & Star Platinum - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Resin Statue - JOJO Studios [Pre-Order]. $155.39 $108.77. Slut.